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Any SPTD version - Computer freezes

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  • Any SPTD version - Computer freezes

    Hi all!

    After installing DT 4.09 my computer started to freeze short after logging into windows from a cold boot. Amazingly it works after a reboot. I checked with Alcohol and the same happens. Tried a lot of SPTD versions, till 1.47, and the problem persists. If i uninstall SPTD my computer works flawlessly.

    Symptom: Computer freezes a few minutes after logging into windows the first time i boot. After rebooting no problems at all! I can run it for days and no freezing! Every day i must boot two times when i turn on my computer. The first time it freezes, then it runs all day or more on the second boot.

    Update: It works this way till 1.47, with 1.49 my computer freezes at random times even after a reboot , although it takes more time to freeze.

    Could someone help me?

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    hello there
    I got similar problem. In my case SPTD works ok to 1.43.

    After I have installed 1.47 system freezes after random time, also tried 1.49beta but still the same - system freezes after some time. Now I am back to 1.43 and all is workin ok, no more freezes. Waiting for new bug free version of SPTD cause now alcohol wont work with 1.43 ... : /


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      I am having the same issue as well with 1.49 BETA. XP freezes randomly, could be 1 hour or it could be 8 hours after a reboot. Nothing fixes it unless I roll back to a previous version (of course, I know it's in beta).