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SPTD 1.50/daemon-tools ICH8R incopatibility

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  • SPTD 1.50/daemon-tools ICH8R incopatibility

    Hi there seem to be an incompatibility with RAID0 for using mounted image with daemon-tools on a system with ICH8R.

    Dont know if its SPTD or daemon-tools related. Here is a link to the daemon-tools forum for the details.

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    Please mail our regarding this.


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      I think is sptd related, i have the same problem both under vista and xp when i use intel matrix storage drivers 7.x with both alcohol and daemon tools. However i have the problem only with some images, which work on other pc.

      I have a p5b deluxe wifi ap with a raid 10 and a raid 0 on an ich8r.


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        I made some tests. With some images (especially ccd+img+sub ones) the system hangs when mounting from a raid 10 array and another raid 0 array on the ich8r. If i move the images onto an external disk they work. If i mount the images from the ich8r on another machine through lan they work.
        I experience this even with just vista drivers, fresh formatted.


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          This problem is under investigation.


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            Is this problem complettly fixed? because one of my friend who have SPTD 1.53 cannot mount some image on the raid controler.
            Daemon-tools bug?
            Anyway hes gonna try alcohool so ill report back here latter.


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              OK. We managed to fix the problem completly.
              YOu must first install SPTD 1.53 and use the LATEST intel matrix storage from intel web site.

              With a older version of matrix, the bug still remain; but not with the newest version.

              I hope it help some people around here.