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1.51 Very Unstable !

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  • 1.51 Very Unstable !


    OK because development team of DT Pro(i'm customer user) said 1.51 will be required on next version of DT Pro.
    I wanna tell you its impossible for me to use it, system become crazy when using it.

    1) When SPTD 1.51 installed, reading my DVD/CD drive completely crazy... never seen that. While that the main interface of DT Pro don't show up until the crazy reads are over. So i must wait if i don't want to crash.

    2) Then, while playing HellGate London on Multiplayer mode, a few moments later i simply Freeze, the computer doesn't respond anymore.
    If i go back to SPTD 1.50, then all works fine ! No crazy reads, no random freeze !

    I don't have more infos to tell you about that.
    So, here's my DirectX Diag and System informations maybe could help you.
    See attachment.

    Oops i can see i can't send any attachment.
    Please allow attachment.

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    Please contact our with the required info.


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      Yes, similar problem for me too in XP SP2 (32bit). Systems runs slowly & erratic, DVD drive is very slow, computer sometimes locks up & needs to reboot. I have gone back to sptd 1.50 & everything is working fine again