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  • Blue screen - latest version

    Hi all..

    Since the day i installed the new DAEMON (sptd 1.5 .. later tried 1.51 beta) my PC get BSOD in each and every BOOT i make.

    I got to bypass it several time with UNINSTALL "daemon" + Value 4 in registery + Sptd uninstall.

    but now the BSOD came back... i dont know what is left to do.

    I allready Uninstalled DAEMON + SPTD + VALUE 4.
    What else am i missing? I even removed Starforce drivers...

    Can anyone help me? thanks in advance..

    BTW my rig:

    Amd x2 5600+
    2Gb ddr2 667mhz
    Geforce 8800GTS 640MB OC2 (bfg)
    and if you need anything more tell me..

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    Well, obviously the BSOD is not caused by either SPTD layer, nor Daemon Tools.
    But do you have any minidump you could send our


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      I will send it in an hour ...
      Will you respond today or tommorow ?



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        Minidump sent....


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          Ok, we'll look at it. Can not say, when we'll be able to reply though.


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            Ok... You sent me an answer saying that it has nothing to do with SPTD..

            So how come the last few times i "played" with the installation of daemon and sptd it made my pc work?

            How come this time it doesnt? This is the exact same BSOD all the time.

            It cant be my ACPI , I tried installing NFORCE and BIOS updates and it didnt help at all.

            It is something else (Daemon \ sptd).

            Thanks again


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              Well, the crash dump shows SPTD not present (because you disabled it), thus the crash can not be caused by SPTD, and it is not caused by SPTD.
              Anyhow, maybe you could send some crash dump with SPTD present?