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SPTD, Version 1.52 - public beta

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  • SPTD, Version 1.52 - public beta

    SPTD, Version 1.52 - public beta
    Dear SPTD users,

    During last months we have received several messages from SPTD end users
    that one software company is spreading information on its website that SPTD
    driver software is causing software conflicts with their applications.
    After carefully analyzing this issue we have concluded that SPTD driver
    software does not cause in reality any kind of software conflicts with this
    application and we have notified this software company about this fact but still did not get any kind of reaction yet.

    Therefore we have decided as a temporary workaround solution to partially
    hide SPTD in memory. We are currently forced to hide SPTD in memory so licensees of SPTD driver software could continue to use our driver.

    Of course we are open for any comments here in this forum topic or by e-mail from all software developers or end users regarding possible SPTD driver conflicts with other software applications and would immediately analyze any possible outstanding issues.

    We have offered for downloads two files at :
    SPTD v1.52 (32 bit) and SPTD v1.52 (64 bit) - public beta versions and we would appreciate to learn your possible comments

    and questions here in our forum or by e-mail via our online message form to "SUPPORT" department:

    Issues addressed:
    - some reported bug fixed since 1.51
    - Fixed issues with Intel RAID controllers
    - workaround for non-existing "software conflict"
    - general enhancements
    - smaller bug fixes

    Check Sum Note:
    "SPTDinst-v152-x86.exe": X86 (32 bit) Ver. 1.52 SHA-1 Check Sum:

    "SPTDinst-v152-x64.exe": X64 (64 bit) Ver. 1.52 SHA-1 Check Sum:


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    sptd 1.52 conflict with old StarForce , -blue screen ,when start with SCSI drive.No problems when start with IDE drive.
    DVD-drives are installed on RAID comptroller (ALi ATA/SATA/RAID) in my Window XP SP2.
    Blue screen ,when start with Daemon tools-SCSI drive also.


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      I have always bug with STDP 1.02 and ACHI activated on my motherboard Gigabyte DS4.
      Vista freeze often.
      I have other bug, for example in the application Intel Matrix Storage, my samsung 500go is sata "generation 1".

      I have reinstall vista : no problem (no freeze, samsung 500go is sata "generation 2") until I install daemon tools.


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        SPTD 1.52 works just fine! With one attention: don't forget removing starforce driver from your system before installing SPTD! Download from Star-Force official website, run it then restart your system. After restarting, install SPTD. Works for me!


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          There is still an issue with the Intel Raid Controler or the AHCI mode (I can't isolate this issue) that should be fixed with v1.51.
          Just mount an image (it was a .mdf file in my case) and try to copy a file from the virtual cdrom over an existing file in your normal filesystem. In my case it was the system drive in SATA AHCI mode (Drive C where I overwrited a file. The .mdf image was placed on my second SATA Drive (Drive D Right at the time you do that, the System will crash to a Blue Screen of Death. It is easily possible to reproduce this issue and it is only happened when you are overwriting an existing file.

          My Mainboard: Asus P5B-E

          It's not that critical if you ignore the fact that this will give your OS a BSoD but if you know, you can easily be carefull to work around it. But it should be fixed especially for a new non-beta release I think.


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            Do you have an minidump? Please send it to our


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              Originally posted by Digger
              Do you have an minidump? Please send it to our
              I'm afraid I haven't a minidump. I figure something out. First I made a mistake by saying it is a .mdf file. In really it is an .iso file. And it doesn't matter to which hdd I overwrite a file. So maybe its not an Intel Raid/AHCI issue.

              I don't get every time a BSoD when I overwrite a file from the virtual cd drive. Only by some files on that image but the files are every time the same, no random BSoD. So i can tell, which files exactly cause a BSoD. What this .iso file make it special is, that his size is over 6GB large. So here is my theory:

              Maybe only the files that are placed in the sectors somewhere on the end of the image file where causing this BSoD. So maybe the SPTD driver have a problem with large image files and these files that are placed at the end of the file. Lets say, if the SPTD works quite normal with up to 5GB files but every file that is placed after the 5GB sector on larger image files causing this issue.

              This is only a theory and I want to remind that this issue is only happen if your overwrite an existing file. So I think a minidump wouldn't help here neither.
              Maybe you could create a over 6GB large iso file with full data files and try to copy data files which you know these are near at the end of the image file. You have to copy and then to copy again. (overwriting) to let this issue happen.

              I hope this helps, to hunt this issue.