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SPTD 1.56 causes reboot loop on xp sp2

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  • SPTD 1.56 causes reboot loop on xp sp2

    Hello, after I installed SPTD 1.56 on win xp sp2 it goes into restart loop. just after the login welcome screen it reboots again and again...
    but i can go into safe mode without canceling sptd.sys with esc, then i disable the auto restart in system failure, and when it was restarting after the welcome screen, it just goes into black screen (no BSOD) and i have to cold boot it.
    the only option i found working is to get into safe mode, delete sptd with the install file and restart.
    it's like somthing conflics with sptd.

    my system if it helps:
    asus p5b deluxe
    8800 gts
    2xwd250 in RAID0
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    yes finally...

    I got it working, it turns out that some how the Nvidia drivers, something to do with nvidia control panel (nvcpl)
    conflicted with sptd.
    well the driver version was 174.74 BETA.
    so i just installed the 169.21's whql and everything working fine now