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SPTD, Version 1.25 release

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  • SPTD, Version 1.25 release

    Duplex Secure development team has released today a new update of SPTD driver (Ver 1.25), which fixes some previously reported critical issues including latest XP64 update and McAfee fix.
    In between this release also addresses Vista Beta 2 compatibility problems.

    Our development team is working on other issues as we are constantly trying to improve our product and user experience.

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    How to install?

    Arghhh. Im a n00b, so please help me out of here. How can I install SPDT 1.25 Driver? I Downloaded the exe. but what must i do now? I only get the message Action must be "Add" or "Remove" blablabla.

    THX. Blue Blaster


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      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im freaking out.
      I typed this in my command console. (in safe mode)

      C:\sptdinst.exe add
      C:\sptdinst add
      or whatever what. always get the message order cant be found bla bla bla. but actually i have the required exe in my C Folder. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Every user has full rights for
      SPTDinst-v125-x64.exe. AND PLEASE HELPE ME

      PS.: Sorry i dont know how to use the edit mode cuz im atm in safe mode.


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        How to install SPTD

        Here are the steps I figured out in order to get the new driver installed. These all assume that the SPTD install file (sptdinst_x64.exe) is saved to C:\.

        1. Start, Run..., C:\sptdinst_x64.exe remove

        2. Reboot (ignore Daemon Tools error)

        3. Start, Run..., C:\sptdinst_x64.exe add

        4. Reboot

        5. Install Windows updates (if they are already installed and you're just trying to "fix" your Daemon Tools, you should be good to go).


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          Please take a look on

          For your attention: in order to avoid confusions and duplicate files, driver names are changed for Ver 1.25
          (please see section:

          Therefore if you will not rename Ver 1.25 files, you can't launch in command console llike previously for example command as follows:
          "C:\sptdinst_x64.exe remove"

          Now commands from command console look like:

          "SPTDinst-v125-x86.exe remove"
          and for 64 bit Windows OS:
          "SPTDinst-v125-x64.exe remove"

          "SPTDinst-v125-x86.exe add"
          and and for 64 bit Windows OS:
          "SPTDinst-v125-x64.exe add"

          By the way, good news:
          In version 1.26 we would try to make process of driver installation/unistallation more user friendly and include there couple buttons.