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HOW TO: Repair SPTD after Windows 7 upgrade

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  • HOW TO: Repair SPTD after Windows 7 upgrade

    If you upgrade your build to newer one SPTD stops working.
    The way to fix it:

    1)Try to uninstall Deamon Tools, or other software using SPTD, delete Deamon Tools (or other software) folder in Program Files

    2)Run Regedit

    in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\sptd" set DWORD "Start" value to 4

    3) Reboot in safemode

    4) Run regedit

    in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Services\sptd"
    "CFG" - permissions -> add your user (with administrative privileges)
    Then delete the whole SPTD

    5) Reboot in normal mode

    6) Install SPTD or software containing SPTD.

    You're done!

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    Thank you.

    For some reason, Windows will not disable SPTD before upgrading from Vista to 7. Somehow, this will cause the SPTD keys to lose their owners while the keys stay there. When installing SPTD again, they can't see that it is already installed (the registry key is incorrect for that) whereas the key already exists when the installer tries to create it, and it can't overwrite it because of having no owners


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      Didn't work for me


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        Cheers to the poster and his method, worked like a charm after upgrading from win7 7100 to 7600 !!


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          Hi, somebody knows if this tip works on windows xp, i having the same problem, but im not sure if it will work on my pc, what i can do to run daemon tools? does i need a oldest version?


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            What's your problem actually? You can use the procedure mentioned above to remove and re-install SPTD layer in XP as well.