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SPTD 1.60 - Boot Loop

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  • SPTD 1.60 - Boot Loop

    I read a lot of problems like these but not a real solution, so im posting again.

    I have an Athlon 4600+ , M2n32-Sli Nvidia Motherboard, win xp pro 32 bits. I just formated and installed all most recent drivers and all updates(sp3, ie8) .
    The machine is raw and naked.

    Then when I install SPTD 1.60, it gives me a boot loop.
    I solve it booting in secure mode and restoring the system.

    Disabling is not a solution because I must have Daemon installed.

    Some people say is a Nvidia drivers conflicts... can someone please enlight me about this problem?

    Thanks, best regards

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    There is no known issue with nVidia drivers.
    Please disable automatic reboot after BSOD.
    Do you have any minidump of such crash you can send to our
    When exactly does the crash occur? During boot stage (i.e. Windows boot screen, early, late?), after switch to Windows desktop (before, after log-on screen)?


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      Hey Digger thanks for the quick reply.

      The error goes exactly when appears the first Windows with black background and the blue loading bar under. The blue bar never stops, it doesnt freezes, it loops forever. Nothing happens after that for at least half hour(tested). The HD led, on the computer box blinks once after 15 loop.

      I never got a blue screen although I disabled auto-reboot, as asked, and tried again with no changes. No minidump was created, no errors presented.

      Looks like a prefetch loading problem(looks like).

      Im here to test any suggestion.
      Thank again.


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        I'd faced this before few years ago..
        It was something relate to driver signing if not wrong..not sure isit the same with this SPTD 1.60..


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          Hey rangerevo8,
          Very weird stuff...I reformated, installed all but Geforce 275 video drive(190.62_desktop_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe) and I installed the sptd without a problem, but when I installed the video driver couldn't boot again...
          Cant understand why sometimes I can install and sometimes I cant...

          The DuplexSecure motto is not working for me...


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            Terrible Suport

            Almost a month ago I came here and asked for some support...

            Like many othes in this forum, I still got no feedback about my guys are terrible...


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              Well, we've actually no idea what could cause this issue atm, SPTD layer does nothing regarding display drivers. So the issue is under investigation.
              Did you try latest nVidia beta driver 191.03?


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                Thanks for the support again Digger.

                As asked, I reformated again yesterday and updated all my drivers...
                Same error...

                I dont really believe is something related to the display driver but related with the motherboard nvidia chipset driver(
                NVIDIA MCP55 Driver V9.19 for Windows 2000/XP(WHQL)/2003 & Windows 64bit XP(WHQL)/2003.) and the interaction with IDE controls(again...maybe).

                Glad to know that the problem is under investigation.
                I will make more tests and report back asap.

                Thanks again


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                  I'm facing a problem that is somewhat similar! After I install demon tools when I re-boot the computer freezes at the loading screen! It happens every time! I had to re-start in safe mood and do a system restore to solve the problem!

                  I have an ATI graphics card and an XFX Motherboard ...!



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                    i also have this problem. Shortly after the WinXP Boot Screen the System reboots. I have deactivated this driver in repair console of the windows CD but I need this driver for Alcohol 120 and Deamon Tools!!! Before this error comes the system have to rebooted because another program error occurs. After this the SPTD Driver is not longer operable - i have reinstalled it, but the boot error comes also in the new installation of the driver!!!

                    And I have NO Nvidia Card, i have the ATi HD2600!

                    This is my System
                    Windows XP SP2
                    Intel P4 3GHz HT,
                    Ati HD2600
                    Gigabyte MB with the 865PE Chipset with 2GB DDR400 Memory
                    X-Fi Xtreme Music
                    TV Card Stereo from Hauppauge
                    PhysX 100 Card
                    Old Rockwell PCI Modem (used for FAX funktionality only)

                    Hope everybody can help me!
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                      Hello again,
                      exist a complete uninstaller for this driver? Its possible to solve this boot loop problem!


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                        Can any one tell me if the boot-loop problem has been fixed in the latest v1.62?