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SPTD slowdown and uninstall

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  • SPTD slowdown and uninstall

    I installed daemon tools today and after restarting My computer was being SUPER SLOW. I'm trying my best to follow uninstall methods but since my system has slowed to a crawl even in safe mode it's like as if it's purposely preventing you from uninstalling.

    Disabling sptd.sys from safe mode boot won't work because instead of "press esc to stop loading sptd.sys" I get "press enter to continue loading sptd.sys" and if I don't press anything the computer boots like normal (and by "normal" I mean still slowed to a crawl)

    Is there an easier way to uninstall sptd and daemon tools without having to wait a LONG time for things to execute, besides reformatting? I just did a fresh reinstall days ago and I'm at the point in which I want to put a full magazine of 9mm into my computer.

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    Which OS do you use?