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SPTD 1.62 conflict with Starforce

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  • SPTD 1.62 conflict with Starforce

    Starforce protected games refuse to start when SPTD 1.62 is installed. The error is "Emulation software detected". That situation persists even when there is no actual virtual drive software present. Only uninstalling or downgrading SPTD helps.
    SPTD 1.58 is not detected.

    Observed on WinXP SP3.

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    Please state which exact SF version.


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      According to the version of protect.dll it is build, 03.11.09. Going to their web site it states I have the newest one.


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        Well, there is already a newer StarForce out, but depends on game (which is it btw).

        To clarify you get it also with original disk?


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          Right, the starforce utility says I have the newest driver, which apparently is a different thing than the protection.dll version.

          The game is the Polish release of King's Bounty 2 with a patch (which updated SF). We get a lot of games protected by SF.
          The disk is the original one.


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            Any news about this problem? Do you think it is an accident (as SPTD 1.58 is not causing any problems) or do you think it is an intentional blacklisting?
            Do you think it would be a good idea to bugger Starforce support about the issue?