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What does SPDT actually do?

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  • What does SPDT actually do?

    Hi guys, as I am studiying informatics, I always want to have a basic understanding of how software that I use works. Searching for information about SPDT I did not really find anything usefull - so would somebody please provide some information? I know, what SPDT is used for (at least some basic understanding), but I have no idea about how it works (apart from installing a windows service, this I figured out already...). But what does this service do/provide? Additionally I'm interested in how SPDT is acutally used. SPDT is used by a software creating a virtual SCSI CD drive (guess mot of you new it - it's called DaemonTools). What functionality is brought by SPDT? And what does DaemonTools do itself? There is (for example) a virual IDE Controller - is this part of DaemonTools or provided by SPDT? And there is a non-existing sys-file as a driver for this - where does that come from? Thank you all in andvace!

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    Is this an unwanted question? Or is just nobody around how can answer it?