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Windows 7 keeps crashing

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  • Windows 7 keeps crashing

    Hello, my name is Zlatan and I was wondering if ya all could help me.

    First of all, sorry for posting new thread without trying to find an answer on this forum, I'm tired of searching for answers, I was searching for at least 2 hours on google, even though thats nothing, I have exam in two days, so, you get it.

    After installing Daemon tools (which includes SPTD 1.62), my laptop reboted, or at least tried, it crashed over and over again and I had to restore system. Anyway, after that, I had experience so I wanted to know what is the problem. I downloaded from your website latest SPTD - 1.75 and istalled it (of course without Daemon tools) and after a reboot it kept crashing, after showing Blue Screen(I could see the Blue Screen for a milisecond). So I had to restore my laptop again.

    I'm using HP Compaq nc6400 with Windows 7 32-bit.
    I hope someone will help me and tell me what to do.

    English is my second language - sorry for any grammar errors or anything else.

    Thanks in advance, Zlatan.

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    Unfortunately there is a lot of lets say problematic software installed on HP laptops. Investigation of these issues is pending. So atm the only workaround is to remove these problematic software, like e.g. DriveGuard, DocumentManager, etc.
    Do you have any minidump of that crash (in Windows\Minidump directory)? Send it to our


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      First of all, thanks for the quick reply.

      I couldn't locate any Minidump directory in C:Windows location. I guess it's missing because after last Blue Screen - Crash, the system has been restored, although not sure about that.

      What else can I do?