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Unable to remove virtual drive

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  • Unable to remove virtual drive


    I'm trying to repair a friend's laptop. He had installed Daemon Tools and when uninstalling forgot to uninstall the virtual drive. I have tried to remove it, but nothing happens.
    • re-installing Daemon Tools didn't help
    • can't take ownership
    • disabling STDP as advised in your FAQ didn't help
    • STDP setup says "No STDP version was detected." - hence no uninstall option available

    The system is a HP Pavilion notebook with Win 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1 just installed and all drivers updated.

    Otherwise the machine seems to work OK, except for booting from CD or flash memory stick causes BSOD - maybe related? We have recently recovered from a TSSD rootkit infection, so it could also have a connection to either or both issues. There were also a couple other malwares, but now the system reports clean.

    Any thoughts? TIA

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    Did you delete SPTD key in registry? If SPTD is not active, open registry editor (execute regedit) go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\sptd and enable all permissions of cfg key, then delete entire sptd key, delete sptd.sys in system32\Drivers directory, and Daemon Tools installation folder (in Program Files directory), and reboot.
    Booting from CD or flash memory shouldn't be SPTD related, because SPTD is not active then - SPTD loads with Windows boot from hard disk drive only.
    On the other hand it's probably a good idea to re-install Windows, if you can not ensure to be malware free after the mentioned infections. Even if the scan reports clean, there still can be a seriously damaged system.


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      I am sorry, that has interfered... I understand this question. Write here or in PM.


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        Fixed the thing, kind of. The extra virtual drive wasn't caused by Daemon tools/SPTD at all It was MS Office Click-to-Run. This forum doesn't let me post the link, but this Microsoft Article ID: 982434 tells something about it.

        The malware infections seem to be gone and MBR reports nice and clean. <bootrec.exe/fixmbr> in the Recovery Environment command prompt did the trick. Google "how to fix mbr".

        BTW I cleaned the registry from SPTD entries as you advised - however the legacy sptd keys didn't want to go, albeit I got them emptied. Should be harmless though? At least both CCleaner and Registry Mechanic left them alone.

        So, thanks for your concern. So far we'll let the system run as it is. Maybe at some point when we both have nothing else to do we'll entertain some reinstall rehearsals. CU