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  • Update SPTD?

    I just installed StarBurn and it installed silently SPTD.
    I reboot and it's ok, but I notice that sptd version is v1.59.

    Now, at this moment, my system works fine, so I believe in sentence: "If your drivers work fine, not update".

    Do you suggest to me to update sptd driver at last version?
    Which changes are been made from v1.59 to 1.79?
    I can't find in your site the old versions of sptd changelog...

    And, to update, simply run installer, or you suggest to uninstall previous driver?

    My system: Win7 64-bit with SP1

    And last question: I don't see any sptd service in my Control Panel/Services. Is this normal?

    P.S: sorry for my english.

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    Well, it's up to you.
    The newer SPTD versions contain some bug fixes and workarounds, so it is always recommended to use the latest version. But if you don't experience any problems, you can stick to v1.59.
    And yes, SPTD layer is not available in control panel.


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      Ok, thanks Digger!

      Is there any changelog to see changes?