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  • Manual Installation

    I want to install driver manually. After automatic install I grab sptd.sys and sptddrv1.sys files. I try to install virtual device driver with command:sc create sptd type= kernel start= boot binpath= "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\sptd.sys" group= "Boot Bus Extender" tag= yes displayname= sptd .and it's looks work fine. But installer doen't see that program already installed and alcohol don't work with it. I compare registry keys after manual and automatic setup and find that there is some keys are absent in HKLM\SYSTEM branch. After automatic installation I find some strange keys in services\sptd: r0 and Cfg. After each installation on the one vmware snapshot they are different.What's wrong with it?
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    You can not install SPTD layer manually, you must use setup.
    The strange keys are protected against unauthorized access.


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      deja-vu. Alcohol & Daemon Tools were created and used as a method of fightingagainst dictated bugging starforce protection system and now they used as amain part someone based on same concepts. There are absolutely no differencefrom where user get troubles, from paranoiac multimedia disk protection orfrom system which pretend to "problem-solving". On user PC now rule bigcorporation. He turning into hostage of situation, while corporation wagingwars agains hackers, crackers, terrorists and who is next would be.I don't think that your corporate secrets costs most than privacy and securityof thousands of your users. I don't want to see on my PC something that hideit's "real work".


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        It's not our secret which is protected, it's yours. SPTD creates configuration data based on current PC configuration, thus you can not use manual installation.
        We have experience with malware and malicious software, that's why the key is protected against any unauthorized access.
        Anyhow, I'd suggest you read EULA next time before installing our software. If you don't want it on your PC, please remove it now.