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sptd always hangs my computer!!!!

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  • sptd always hangs my computer!!!!

    Yesterday I've installed Alcohol 120% 1.9.6 build 4629(included sptd,and then my laptop starts to hang up when I try to shutdown it.
    It sometimes happens on the last step of shuting down windows,after saving settings.I'm sorry I don't know what the step is in English version,normally the windows shutdown or reboot immediately after the step.
    Even it hangs when I have just booted to the desktop!!!!!There is no BSOD,I can switch Caps light by pressing Caps key or move the mouse.But everything is static.I can do nothing except power off the computer.
    When I set start=4 of sptd service in registry,it seems everything becomes fine except Alcohol 120%.
    I'm using WinXP SP2,fully patched.
    Celeron M 1.4G,i910GML,512M RAM
    And then I reinstalled Windows,but after I've installed Alcohol 120%,the second time I reboot,the windows hangs at the last step.
    Oh,I'm very crazy about the problem.......
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    I have this problem too. System hangs after boot or if I try to open logical drive E (but any other logical drive is OK). It's looks like infinite HDD access waiting.
    WinXP SP2, Adaptec ASPI 4.6.
    Athlon 64 / 939, nForce3 250Gb (NVIDIA 5.10.2600.446 ATA driver), 1Gb RAM (dual cannel), Maxtor 6Y080L0 HDD, NEC CD-RW NR-9300A & TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1912 (PATA), Seagate ST3300622AS (SATA), UDMA for all.
    There's no problems with SPTD 1.29.


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      Now I'm very sure the problem was caused by sptd.sys
      I have to return to DAEMON Tools 3.47