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Unable to install SPTD version 1.35

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  • Unable to install SPTD version 1.35

    Can someone help and/or assist me in installing this. My OS Windows XP Home Edition with SP2.
    On reboot, it goes back to reboot screen and I have to choose options, I tried in Safe Mode and allowed SPTD to install., then the reboot screen on Start Windows Normally., funny, it brings me back to the reboot screen till I choose the option "Start Windowns on last known good configuration" I'm back to square one.
    Will appreciate anyassistance whatsoever in helping me resolve this installation problems.

    With kind regards,

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    I've been trying to install the latest version of Alcohol 120 and I'm having the the same problem except I can only get into safe mode if I disable SPTD drivers from loading. Can't get into normal XP at all except with debugger mode and then Alcohol won't continue to install. This happened with version 129 also. When I tried to install 135 manually by itself i clicked to uninstall previous versions but wound up with the same continuous reboot after installing it. Any suggestions?


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      Both of you please check Windows\Mindump folder for crash dumps related to these BSODs. Send newest available file to for analysis. Include a note to this thread and your forum user name.


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        Unfortunately my last minidump file was from May. None was established during the time the problem was occurring


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          My minidump folder is empty!


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            Any suggestions Digger? Would love to get the latest version of Alcohol 120 running or at least be able to install SPTD 135 manually so I can get it running. Thanks in advance.



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              Unfortunately it's very difficult to diagnose without minidumps.
              Please tell us your complete system specs, maybe it gives a clue. Also what anti virus, firewall, anti spy/adware, security etc. software you use, and any other software which creates virtual devices?


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                SPTD version 1.35

                Better late than never. All problems resolved since version 1.37 and am now usinf version 1.40.

                Thank you and cheeers!