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How I fixed my BSOD

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  • How I fixed my BSOD

    I originally had Daemon Tools x86 4.03 on my system which was working fine. When I upgraded to 4.06 and rebooted I got hit with BSOD. Each time I disabled SPTD my system would boot perfectly, if I enabled SPTD I got BSOD on bootup.
    I searched on google and found no solution to my problem but saw that many other had similar problems. In my situation I found out what was causing my problem.
    A while back I tried a trial version of "Intervideo DVDCopy 5" and it setup a virtual drive on my system. When I uninstalled it, it left the virtual drive there.
    This is what was causing the conflict on my system with SPTD. I had to reinstall DVDCopy 5 and disable the virtual drive from with in DVDCopy 5 Options. Once I had successfully removed the virtual drive DVDCopy had installed, my system now boots up perfectly with SPTD v1.35
    I hope this can help somebody.

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    The issue will be fixed with next SPTD layer version.