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Unable to downgrade from 1.38 to 1.35

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  • Unable to downgrade from 1.38 to 1.35

    I intend to use SPTD 1.35 to follow a particular process exactly.

    I already had SPTD 1.29 loaded
    (from loading a software called daemon406-x86.exe)
    and was unable to find SPTD 1.35,
    though was able to find 1.38 here at DuplexSecure.

    So I installed 1.38 directly from here.
    My process didn't give me the results I need,
    so I wanted to uninstall 1.38 and install 1.35.
    I followed the uninstall instructions found within the FAQ section of this website
    (which were simply to
    download SPTDinst-v138-x86.exe
    execute it, and hit the "uninstall" button
    (and reboot after that)

    I found another software (Alcohol 120%) which includes SPTD 1.35.
    I downloaded and installed Alcohol 120%.

    Then I searched HDs for SPTD.* to check which version I had.
    The results indicated I still had 1.38.

    Since then I have uninstalled Alcohol 120%,
    and repeated the uninstall process for SPTD 1.35
    however a search still reveals that I have components of 1.38 installed.
    In particular, the following components remained,
    all within the C:/Windows/Prefetched/ folder:

    Can I safely simply delete these files and will that complete a full uninstallation of SPTD? Or if not, could you please recommend a safer approach?


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    Yes, you can delete those files, but "downgrading" is not supported. New versions are developed in order to fix pending issues, thus old versions automatically getting obsolte, and are not recommended to install anymore.