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sptd vs. logitech webcam conflict

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  • sptd vs. logitech webcam conflict

    hi my name is fox and i am having a problem with the sptd.sys file while booting my pc with a logitech fusion webcam, if the cam is plugged in my system hangs after after the xp logo, i get a black screen and nothing happens. i am using the latest sptd: 1.38 and the latest daemon tools:4.08HE and the latest Quickcam drivers: 10.4.0
    i am running XP pro X64.

    amd athlon x64 dual core 4800+
    asus M2N-SLI deluxe mobo
    4 x 250GB sata2 hitachi in raid 0
    XFX nvidia 9750-GT2 graphic card

    Without sptd and cam plugged in: No problem
    With sptd installed and no cam plugged in: No problem
    With sptd installed and cam plugged in: no boot.

    logitech says and i quote:As this issue has no workaround to it, the only option there is to leave the sptd.sys file out of the system.
    Third party applications found in daemon tools and alcohol 120% is known to cause this type of issues.

    i need daemon tools to run several virtual drives as i keep my cd's and dvd's save from damaging and dont have to burn everyting on disk, and keep switching diks the whole day. And plugging in and out the camera is not an option as it might cause the USB connector to be loose over time.

    i hope you have a solution or come up wit one
    greets fox

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    Please contact our support at, this issue is under investigation.


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      I'd just like to add my support to this issue - I'm getting the exact same symptoms with the latest version of SPTD. From what I can tell, it was working fine with v1.25 of SPTD, but fails with v1.37 and v1.38

      AMD Athlon X64 Dual Core 4800+
      Asus A8N-SLI Premium
      Western Digital Raptor 74GB hard drive
      Dual XFX GeForce 7800 GTX in SLI
      Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 - driver version 10.4.0

      Is there anything that I can do to help identify this issue on this specific hardware configuration?


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        I've noticed similar issues -- froze on XP screen immediately following the update to 1.38. It doesn't happen all the time for me though and typically selecting "let windows boot normally" (or whatever that option is) following a reset after the hang will work.

        I'm using the quickcam pro 4000, drivers

        The error hasn't occured since I disabled the mic on the cam, but that might just be random. I reset very rarely these days.

        Logitech has a very minor driver update that I'm going to try. I should have some time this weekend to troubleshoot this more and see if I can establish a pattern.

        XP Pro, SP2


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          i recieved an e-mail today with the new 1.39 sptd driver from dxdigger. this resolved my problem thanks a lot. I hope this works for you to


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            Fox, in that case, here's to hoping for an email or for the official release



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              yes, we would appreciate your kind feedback regarding possible issues with SPTD 1.39 - public beta version.