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SPTD, Version 1.40 - public beta

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  • SPTD, Version 1.40 - public beta

    Dear SPTD users!

    We have offered for downloads two files at
    SPTD v1.40 (32 bit) and SPTD v1.40 (64 bit) - public beta versions and we would appreciate to learn your possible comments and questions here in our forum or by e-mail:

    "SPTDinst-v140-x86.exe": X86 (32 bit) Ver. 1.40 MD5 Check Sum:

    "SPTDinst-v140-x64.exe": X64 (64 bit) Ver. 1.40 MD5 Check Sum:

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    Would a changelog of some sorts be possible? That way we would have a better idea of what to test. Is it more than just the safe mode issue?


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      Yes "safe mode issue" has been taken care of and couple more minor (non-critical) issues.


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        I've just tried this with my Windows x64 machine which has Alcohol 120% on it which I believe uses the SPTD drivers. This build doesnt seem to fix the issue I've been experiencing where my USB ports don't work. The Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller driver doesnt seem to be able to start up. Removing SPTD has got my USB mouse back (I have a spare PS/2 one fortunately) but now Alcohol obviously doesn't work

        I've seen other reports of this on the Daemontools forums which I believe also uses SPTD. Is this issue something which is supposed to be fixed in 1.40? Or are you still working on this, or is this the first you've heard about it? I've searched the forums and couldn't find anything specifically mentioning USB ports not working.


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          Unfortunately we do not know how this issue might be related to SPTD, because we never could reproduce it.
          SPTD does not interact with hardware on USB controllers.

          Therefore obviously we can not work on this issue.


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            Windows froze for me at the XP screen with a logitech webcam attached. Webcam light was on solid at the time.

            I have no idea how these issues are related to you and fully admit that logitech makes some pretty terrible software (new version should be out in february). I dislike it when this happens and don't want to troubleshoot the issue a lot (and get lots of hangs in the process) but I thought I'd mention it. If I'm the only one, chalk it up to a random issue -- but it may be worth looking into.

            XP Pro, Sp2. SPTD 1.40. ProCam 4000


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              of course, your feedback is appreciated!

              we will note your comment!


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                Tested some and a freeze happened without webcam attached. I'm still not sure of the cause but I think I'm going to roll back to 1.39 and just deal with the safe mode issue.


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                  So you have the hang issue again with 1.40, while it boots ok with 1.39?


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                    I haven't downgraded yet as I'm not absolutely sure that it's SPTD that's causing the problem. I just reset 3 times without issue. I've installled a lot of new software lately like Office 2007, windows desktop search 3, Boinc, and setpoint 3.3 -- it's possible that one of those is causing the issue. I have ruled out the logitech webcam as it happened once with it disconnected.

                    I can't determine why it is hanging on boot at the XP screen sometimes but not others. This makes it somewhat difficult to test. There is nothing relevant in the event viewer.