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SPTD Problem with U3 USB Smart Drive

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  • SPTD Problem with U3 USB Smart Drive


    I'm having a problem with my U3 USB Smart Drive (Verbatim 1GB). Connecting the stick to the usb port makes no problem. The special launchpad starts in the taskbar with it's U3 Icon, it creates 2 storage devices (1st. U3 System, 2nd U3 Drive) and everything works fine. But, after I want to eject the Smart Drive nothing happens. (you've to press a big red button in the U3 launchpad and wait until the U3 Icon disappears from taskbar then you can pull the stick out of the usb port) The U3 Icon is still in the taskbar and even the 2 storage devices are visible in the explorer but no more accessible.

    The main point wich drives me crazy is that I can't shutdown or restart my windows. After uninstalling SPTD I was able to eject my U3 Drive flawlessly.

    I don't know if it's a bug in U3 launchpad software or just based on my system that U3 eject doesn't work correctly. The only way now for me of getting U3 to work is to remove SPTD. I hope some of you could help me.

    My System: Windows XP Pro SP2; Daemon Tools v4.08 (incl SPTD v1.39)

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    I forgot to say before I'm shutting down windows after ejecting my U3 Drive, while SPTD is installed, I'm getting the following error message:

    SDKListener error

    After this Windows freezes and I've to press the reset key.


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      I tend to remove U3 from my flash drives but I did have a new 1gb cruzer with U3. Was able to mount and eject it with the U3 software without issue. I'm running SPTD 1.40.

      Might have more to do with the error message than with a general U3/SPTD problem -- -but that's just my non-developer 2 cents


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        Thank you for the email Digger.

        SPTD v1.42 public beta works for me. U3 Drive now ejects perfectly. No error or freeze anymore.